Who is Selena Gomez? Perhaps this is a question that lingers in the mind of most people. She is a household name having shot to stardom with her great performance.However; there are lots of details about her that most people do not know. For that reason I have flexed my muscles and engaged my brains in thorough search to at least gather enough information about who she really is. This is in a desperate attempt to quench the need for most people to know who she really is.

Born and raised in Grand Prairie on 22nd July 1992, she has sprung to stardom from a humble beginning. Being a daughter to Mandy Teefey and Ricardo Gomez, she was destined for greatness. It is clear that being a star was in her DNA and it was only fair for her to aim for it. She however made her moves and she is now one of the greatest Hollywood assets. The journey has not been easy for her though but she has managed to turn every Everest into a mole. Her sexy body is an asset that gets everyone glued to the screen whenever she is action.

The first movie that catapulted her to the epics was Barney & Friends. Her role as Gianna left the audience wanting to see more of her. She also featured in other movies like Spy kids 3-D and Texas Ranger. However her most prolific performance was in Hannah Montana. This is one of her greatest work that elevated her to the top. Her role as Alex Russo in the series Wizards of Waverly Place was also outstanding and was a stepping stone for greater future ahead.

She also went ahead to do animations in the year 2008 where she featured in Horton Hears a Who! Selena Gomez has however had the other side of life as well. Being a star, scandals are unavoidable and she is not an exception. She has been in an on and off relationship with Justin Beiber.On her confession she admitted being in love with him and even hinted that her was really romantic.

The biggest scandal is perhaps her topless images uploaded to instagram. This was an occurrence that greatly shook her reputation. It elicited mixed reactions with critic claiming that it was all meant to entice her boyfriend Justin Beiber.However; others claimed that she was only trying to attract attention from boys. All these were allegations and the reason behind that nude photo in bed is only known by her. Whatever the reason, am sure boys had it for wallpaper on their phones and laptops.

Her physical appearance is enough to make her the sexiest woman on the planet. She has the model height and sexy eyes that one cannot fail to notice. Perhaps it is these feature that have made Justin Beiber decide to hold her down. Gossip has it that they have even exchanged rings in a ceremonial occasion. Her photo at the beach in that blue bikini is perhaps the hottest photo of her. Men are men and it is natural that they like seeing photos of beautiful women. It is this man in me probably that compiled me to dig deeper for her photos to check out the hottest. She is arguably the most beautiful and sexiest Hollywood asset.

TBT - Pictures of Bieber And Gomez Getting Touchy And Down On The Beach

This is for all the Selena and Justin fanz out there. Remember when the duo were so young and in love? Before Biebs fucked it all up and started dating Instagram sluts... Well, we do. Selena was so in love with Justin, but the fool didn't deserve her love and didn't appreciate her sexy hot bod. Here are some pics of the ex love birds getting touchy at the beachy. I bet the Biebs misses everything about Selena's sexy curves.

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Selena Gomez Looking Hot With Sex Hair In Mystery Photo

No one knows when or from where this mystery photo of Selena Gomez came from, all we know is that she looks fucking incredible in it and that she is about to get dirty in the sheets. Her sex hair looks fantastic too.. If you know where this pic of the brunette sex godess comes from, please do share. Mmmmk thanks.

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Selena's Perky Booty Poppin' Out Of Her Tiny Black Shorts While Performing

The adorable and fine as hell Selena Gomez was performing her hit songs on stage in tiny scandalous black shorts which showed off her nice perky ass. I bet the singer didn't know that the photos of her booty would go viral a few hours after her show. It created such a stir and some parents of the fanz were not pleased she would wear such revealing clothes. In contrary, Selena'sadmirers were more than pleased that she is finally showing off that body the good lord has gifted her. ...

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Is This Selena Gomez Nude Pic Real?!

Selena Gomez is a pretty good girl and hardly has any bad leaked photos unlike most celebs, but this one is currently in question... Could this be a true nude pic of Gomez? It looks pretty real, but then again maybe they are way to big for her petite body. Some sources say this pic was leaked by Justin Bieber - that could just be a nasty rumor though. The ex couple are on good terms and it doesn't seem like Beibs would do something like that to his beloved Selena... What do you guy...

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Selena Gomez Ass Hanging Out

The sexy Selena Gomez was spotted hanging around downtown L.A. with her ass cheeks hanging out and looking sexy as ever. The beauty is still single, folks! It's incredible that no one has claimed this incredibly fine woman to themselves. Yummy. If you look closely she a bruise beneath her ass cheek... hmmmm... maybe she is single, but she's still getting pounded in the bed by some lucky dude. Jesus, Selena's stems are incredible!

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Are Selena Gomez's Boobs Real? Hottest Photos Of Her Tits!

This is the question everyone has been asking, is Selena's Gomez's boobs real? We can assure you that her titties are totally natural and it's hard to believe because she's such a small girl! You would think that they would have to be fake, right?! Well, nope, she just got blessed with some amazing titties from her mama. We have gathered some photos so that you can investigate her ta-tas on your own accord.  They all look pretty natural...

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Selena Gomez And Her Amazing Legs - Best Photos

Selena Gomez has some of the most perfectly sculpted legs in the performing industry and we have the photos to prove it below. There is no doubt she keeps those stems in outstanding form because of all the dancing she does at all of her concerts. They are truly in insane shape! Selena is now taking a break from touring for now, but she still goes to the gym every single day accoring to her closest friends.  See Selena's beautiful legs below...  ...

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